Avant Projekts is a social media-based music and dance company presenting classical art forms in a relatable format that appeals to viewers from all backgrounds. We feature equal collaboration among musicians, dancers, and videographer in a relatable way that embraces the social network.


We present new music and dance through social media in what are essentially  “classical music videos.” Our works are relatively short (under 10 minutes) and completely original, but take influence from well-known stories and add to them in unanticipated ways.

What brings our works to life is the creative videography that captures the essence of the dancers, allowing you total immersion into their emotional and physical vitality. The camera enhances the movements, follows the dancers, and invites you to experience the sweep and fervor of the performance, rather than merely observing it from a single angle. Additionally, while most, if not all, other dance companies hide musicians on the side or under the stage, Avant Projekts features them prominently in the works, which inspires a truly equal collaboration among the artists.